We are comitted to unearthing our history

A fews year ago a random meeting of two metal detectors in a rural pub brought a new concept in detecting to fruition. It was like chalk and cheese fusing to form not just the perfect idea, but also a great informational tool.

From one angle, metal detecting is a hobby just like fishing and on the other, it was potentially a indespensible aid to discovering and evolvlng information for the archeological heritage and institutes of the UK....


Aside from the previously mentioned benefits to the archeological world and national heritage, our cutting edge technology and ancient wisdom techniques we use in searches of lost treasures,  the profits from our finds go towards important causes that many feel are overlooked in todays media influenced society.

The overlooked issue of today's world is the highly sensitive and almost difficult to believe matter of child trafficking in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to support organizations fighting for the numerous children of our country that are suffering from organized institutional sexual abuse and trafficking. An issue that for whatever reasons does not get the attention it deserves.


The Method

The way we approach landowners is contemporary to the times with all members of our club being insured with the National Council of Metal Detectors and observing social distancing in li‚Äčne with recent Covid19 safety rules.We being a newly formed organisation realise the importance of new concepts supporting the archeological world so our small teams of two to four detectorists meticulously research and prepare before approaching land owners. We hope that they will understand the possible benefits not just financially to them but culturally to our national heritage and also our charitable causes.



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